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At Bayer Law Offices, we specialize in OWI and have over a decade of experience representing clients charged with OWI. While many attorneys may offer OWI defense services, I focus my practice on OWI defense which will provide you with a strong and informed representation. In fact, Attorney John Bayer has primarily dedicated his legal career to advising and counseling individuals arrested for OWI. He also keeps up to date with the latest forensic science concerning breath and blood tests to ensure he puts his best foot forward for his clients. 

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What Constitutes OWI?

In Wisconsin, the illegal act of drinking and driving is charged as operating a vehicle while intoxicated (OWI). A motorist may be charged with OWI if they have a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08% or more, also called the prohibited alcohol concentration (PAC). Note that it is still possible to be charged with OWI even if the motorist has a BAC below .08% if they perform poorly in the field sobriety tests, showing obvious and dangerous impairment. 

  • “John was able to get the OWI Second and the Refusal charges dismissed. I cannot express how grateful I am to have had attorney Bayer represent me. He is a true professional in every sense and I would recommend him to anyone that needs his services.”

    - Former Client
  • “John and Mike were professional throughout the process. I received updates with every new development and was also given great advice on how to navigate the entire situation I would definitely recommend Johns services.”

    - Former Client
  • “I could not have asked for a better attorney for me. He always treated me like a real person, and he is very down to earth. Definitely would recommend John Bayer to anyone. And will be my first call if I ever need his help again.”

    - Former Client
  • “It was my first offense and John helped with my situation. He checks everything to help with my case and fought to not get the Interlock. I am really glad he went above expectations and recommend him to represent you.”

    - Former Client


John Bayer grew up in Green Bay, Wisconsin. After graduating with his B.A in English from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2006, John earned his law degree from Marquette University Law School in 2009. He continued to go on and passed the California State Bar Exam.

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DUI/OWI Defense in Wisconsin

Refusals in Wisconsin

Did you receive a refusal in Wisconsin? Many times, when someone gets a refusal in Wisconsin they are confused. You might be wondering how you could have received an OWI when you refused the chemical test. In the state of Wisconsin the implied consent law indicates that anyone who operates a vehicle has the right to consent to a chemical test: blood, breath, or urine.

Visit our page on Refusals to learn more.


Illinois Drivers

Note that if you have an Illinois driver’s license and you get an OWI in Wisconsin, it is important to speak to an experienced attorney. Illinois tends to treat the first OWI conviction must harsher than Wisconsin in terms of the license revocation period, obtaining an occupational driver’s license, and applying to reinstate your license. A first offense in Illinois could result in a 1-year driver’s license revocation and a license reinstatement process that could take 2-3 years.

Visit our page on Illinois Drivers to learn more

Commercial Driver’s License

A CDL Holder may choose to fight their OWI case since the penalties are much greater for a CDL holder than an individual with a regular driver’s license. When fighting a DUI it is crucial to have a lawyer look over your case to make sure you get the best defense and outcome. A lawyer can build a strong defense for you.

Visit our page on Commercial Driver’s License to learn more.



Unlike the first OWI offense in Wisconsin, If you have a second OWI offense within 10 years of your first offense it will be charged as a crime. Wisconsin increases the penalties for any person caught transporting a minor under the age of 16 while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.  If you were charged with an OWI causing injury it will increase the severity of the penalties for your OWI. A number of variables will determine the charges.

Visit our page on Penalties to learn more.

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