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"I was stopped for 20 over in a 30mph zone - a 6 point $149ticket. Attorney John Bayer had an affordable price and guaranteed that he could get it reduced to a 2 point defective speedometer ticket. All it took was a 5 minute phone call conversation to finalize things. He was able to attend court for me and he was able to get my ticket reduced to a 2 point parking violation. John is very friendly and made this process as easy as possible. I am beyond grateful for the outcome and I will be recommending him to everyone I know in the future."

Ahmed Abdi

"I was facing a fair amount of time as a guest of the state at the graybar hotel. Atty Bayer fought the good fight for me. He found a potential loophole in the law that he felt could get the charge against me dropped. The judge did not interpret the law the way Atty Bayer did, so unfortunately I lost the case. But because of the fight Atty Bayer put up, combined with other contributing factors of my case, I only got 1 year as a guest of the state. Not bad for a 6th offense, in Milwaukee county. I swear by Atty Bayer. He is a great attorney, & a really compassionate & kind man."

Steven Glodoski

"Honestly one of he easiest interactions I’ve ever had with a lawyer. They stepped up handled my speeding tickets and anxiety about it no problem. Everything was handled in one call, they updated me through the whole process. Make them your first call for any kind of traffic trouble."

Alexander Harrison

"I wouldn't choose anyone else from this point forward... They were able to get my ticket reduced to a 0 point prohibited parking violation... Hopefully I won't have to go through this no more, but you can never say never, but if the possibility arose again, I'm definitely contacting Bayer Law Offices first...."

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When confronted with an OWI charge or criminal charges, the situation can feel daunting and overwhelming. We are here to help you shape your path to a better outcome.

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